What are you to do on a wet and rainy Friday, it’s after work you honestly don’t feel like cooking, yet you crave a hearty meal without the hefty price? Simple, you go to The Library Bistro in Hillcrest’s Lillie’s Quarters.
The Library Bistro offers a wonderful selection of courses, comprising of a 2 course meal (starter & main) for R130 per person, another 2 course meal (main & dessert) for R125per person, or the 3 course meal (starter main & dessert) for only R170 per person. Naturally, we opted for the 3 course meal.
It a simple enough choice (or it should be), you select any of the meals under the relevant sections and that’s that, but how do you choose your favourite child, it’s almost impossible. (Almost)
We made our choice and soon our meals arrived and we started our cuisine journey off with chicken and halloumi spring rolls and skewered marinated rump.
Both options did not disappoint, the rump was wonderfully tender and well seasoned while the tomato relish added the perfect amount of acidity and smokiness to the dish. The spring rolls were crispy and fresh, filled with crunchy vegetables and subtly flavoured chicken which did not overpower the halloumi.
Mains was a full-on FOMO fest, but in the end, we opted for the pork belly- sweet and well-spiced, tender, and crunchy in all the right places, served on a bed of walnut and apple salad, which was then generously doused with cranberry sauce.
Our second main meal was the well seasoned double beef burger (yes, you read that right, DOUBLE) with a chilli and ginger aioli, just spicy enough to give the meal an extra something.
By now we would have called it a night but the good times kept on coming and our taste buds were ready for the final piece in this flavoursome symphony.
Dessert choices were – an espresso brulee, soft and creamy with a hint of espresso. Our second option was the churros, wonderfully fragranced with cinnamon and a soft creamy filling, and a crunchy sweet shell.
The Library Bistro has a very relaxing atmosphere, the tables are well spaced apart and the decor is reminiscent of an old friendly coffee shop and book store. The waiters are on point and the managers even more so. One could not fault this little gem in the heart of Hillcrest and one should not give it a miss.

Contact The Library Bistro:

Call: 031 761 8007

Email: hello@thelibrarybistro.co.za

Visit: www.thelibrarybistro.co.za