The SEE team is on a mission to find the best 🍣 in town.

We found another new kid on the block, Coco Sushi. Located at Hillcrest Shopping Center near Tiago’s.
We had an office celebration and opted to order sushi from Coco Sushi.
The sushi is affordable, tasty, and well-presented. They also do Chinese, but we didn’t try this.

If you want LOADS of sushi, this is the place to go to. The buy 1 get 1 free deal is awesome.
Our total bill was just under R500 for all the sushi in the photos.
A point to note is that the order took a fairly long time to prepare, so best is to place an order telephonically if you are in a hurry 078 841 7523.

We do not have a copy of their menu, but we are sure they will be able to WhatsApp one should you wish to enquire.




Waiting period:🍣🍣


Whatsapp 078 841 7523 for a copy of their menu.