“Intellectually impaired people
are one of the most oppressed minorities
in all places”

Careways KZN 

CAREWAYS, like its name suggests, is a special NPO that reaches out to the Intellectually Impaired Adult.
The goals are to:
•Provide daycare centres where those attending are involved in a variety of activities/outings
•Provide a service to families of Intellectually Impaired individuals
•Provide life long care in residential facilities for the Intellectually Impaired (long term plans)
There are two facilities available at the moment: a day workshop at the Methodist Church in Kloof and a workshop once a week at the Siyanakekela Centre at the KwaNdengezi Methodist Church. The focus of the workshop is on intimacy, individual attention and building self-esteem and self-worth. The emphasis is on crafts and other stimulating activities. There is also ongoing training in life skills education and social skills. Numeracy and literacy skills are taught daily and a variety of arts and crafts are learnt and thoroughly enjoyed. Special outings are also arranged for the group to enjoy leisurely activities that are also beneficial to their growth and learning.

Intellectually Impaired Adults require protected employment and especially in today’s economic climate, there are very few opportunities available. The CAREWAYS centres provide an environment where these individuals can feel proud of who they are and what they can do.

In our clamorous society where groups and individuals representing almost every cause shout out their demands and rights, there is a group so marginalised and isolated, their voices are rarely if ever, heard. Poorly represented, largely unknown, few in numbers, it is a powerless, truly disadvantaged, and largely forgotten set.

In South Africa, they’re referred to as Mentally Handicapped or Mentally Disabled. The British have a less stigmatised term – People with a Learning Disability – and in that country and other Western nations, members of the group are accorded respect, assistance, protection, choices and opportunities the likes of which their peers in South Africa could never even dream of. And for their parents, two perpetual questions hover like a double-edged sword:

  • How can I give my child a richer, more stimulating life?
  • What is going to happen to him/her when I pass?

To both questions, there are no easy or comforting answers.

Those who do a campaign on behalf of the mentally disabled in South Africa usually find themselves up against more popular or glamorous causes. And yet this is a group that asks for so little – for instance to be recognized and respected, included, given reachable goals that make a person feel able and not found wanting, to be given choices.

And then there are simple material needs such as those listed below that would make the world of difference for both the clients and their caregivers at our workshops in Kloof and KwaNdengezi:

  1. A vehicle to make outings possible – 15 or more seater vehicle
  2. Funding for a full-time staff member at KwaNdengezi.
  3. Funding for building extensions.
  4. New computers and educational programmes for all 2 centres

If you are able to help with any of the above, or in any other way, Careways KZN would be enormously grateful. And you would be contributing immeasurably toward improving the lives of a very needy group.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities please get in touch with the team at Careways.

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