When last did you check your fence?

The fence. How often do you think about this vitally important security feature? When last did you have maintenance done? Often times people don’t think to check the fence for a while and are left rather surprised that it often needs more attention than they realize!

Here are a few reasons why you should regularly check your fence and what the most common causes are of a faulty fence.

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One of the main reasons that fences need repairing is due to problems caused by weather. Severe weather like heavy rainfall, harsh winds and salt air can all cause degradation of your fence, or can even cause parts of the fence to break entirely.


They happen all the time! Many people have accidentally drive through their own fence and other accidents occur regularly


Some dogs just love to chew on natural wood fence boards. Some pups have practically eaten through fence boards. Pet owners are recommended vinyl fencing, it’s maintenance-free and dogs don’t like to chew on vinyl.


Bugs Eating or Nesting in Fence Boards and Posts. You might have a bug problem! Anything from bees to termites to wasps –  there may be bugs building their nests inside your fence boards or posts. This can create problems for your fence and possibly your house. Bugs may cause extensive damage on wooden fencing. Not to mention that bugs living in your fence do not make a happy backyard for entertaining!


Regardless of the reason for why your fence needs repairing, proper and timely repair and maintenance are really important to keep the integrity of your fence as a whole. If you don’t repair the fence immediately, then this will lead to other problems such as rot, damp and decay, and you may find that your entire fence needs to be thrown away, and a new fence needs to be installed, which is a cost that is unnecessary, as a simple repair could have solved the issue.

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