What does a R100 buy you in Kloof on a Saturday morning?
2 cappuccinos
1 toasted cheese on freshly baked Sourdough
1 toasted cheese and ham on freshly baked Sourdough
And a bonus prezzie of 2 mini ?
Did our morning shopping at Kloof Village Mall and I needed a cappuccino.
The Real Food Store was our pitstop. My plan was just to have a quick cappuccino but the team at this little gem had other plans. I promptly received 2 complimentary croissants and some delightful gooseberry jam to sample. This was a very pleasant surprise.
Husband join me shortly after and spotted the toasted sandwich promo…well well I’m a sucker for toasted cheese.
Two beautiful decorated plates arrived with our sandwiches.
Strong cheddar, homemade bread and good quality ham was the perfect early lunch.
Bonus all of the above was a cool R100 !
Call Kloof Village Mall: 031 764 5695
Call The Real Food Store: 082 561 8822