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Siyajabula Centre

Siyajabula Centre, an orphanage that is full of love and joy, first started in 1998 in the Madimeni Area in Molweni.

Eunice Mweli, lovingly known as “Ma Eunice” by the 46 residents of Siyajabula Centre, is a qualified teacher who saw a huge need and gave up her job to dedicate her life to looking after many orphans. She recognized this need when she took in disabled twins whose mother had suddenly passed away, leaving the children orphaned.

Siyajabula Centre orphanage

The centre faces many adversities, however, they are always grateful for all they have and strive to make a difference in the lives of the orphaned children and disabled adults. The family of Siyajabula are home to many children as young as 3 months old.

Siyajabula Centre strives to provide a safe home environment for these special individuals and do their best to provide shelter, food, clothing, education and Christian values to all involved. There is a real sense of family and all the residents are happy even though their struggles are real and very challenging!


Their premises, as small as it is, will always be found neat and tidy. They, unfortunately, have no running water, which is a huge challenge, yet every child is clean and the house in good order. Having no running water on-site presents daily struggles. The Centre has installed a few water tanks over the last three years to collect roof rainwater but this supply is inconsistent, however, the Ethekweni Municipality recently installed a 5000-litre water tank for which a truck comes weekly to re-fill.

Siyajabula Centre strives to cater to every precious being that arrives at their door, however, the facility is too small for the number of children they currently support. The threats to close the centre are very real and there is an urgent need to expand the buildings to prevent this.

At present, the schooling system is failing the centre and there is a dire need for a classroom and teacher. Unfortunately, the medical system is also failing to provide the support and medications that are needed. However, the provision and preparation of food is probably their biggest challenge and this is the most basic of human needs.

The centre relies on donations and sponsorship from corporates and individuals to survive. There are some small social grants in place but many are still delayed by red tape. As the centre is inadequate with facilities (water, ablutions, kitchen and bedrooms) they cannot be registered as an official orphanage and therefore do not get the financial support needed.

A registered NPO, administered by Ewing Trust Company on a pro bono basis, the centre is delighted to have recently been awarded a PBO certificate and trust this will attract some much-needed funding.

Basic resources may appear trivial to many, but for those who are without many privileges in life, any small gesture could mean the whole world to them.

The centre would greatly benefit from a regular food donation and have put together a list of other requirements which we hope may appeal to any possible sponsors, volunteers and/or direct donations.


A veggie garden

Expansion and maintenance of current facilities and the addition of new buildings
(Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Storage Room)

A large jungle gym

Some swings

Driveway and gates

Outside paving, pathways and stairways

Lighting outside

Security fences

Tables and chairs (once buildings are expanded)

Economical car with insurance

A school hall and a teacher to home school the children

Medical Supplies and Clinic Assistants. Many of the children desperately need dental treatment and many have a positive HIV status and have ongoing medical requirements. First Aid training for a staff member and a fully equipped first aid kit would offer much relief to the centre.

Volunteers are always welcome but they need to come equipped as the centre does not have tools or supplies to conduct any work with. There is always something to fix, dig, plant, clean, paint, build etc

Direct donations to the school can also be made. Companies that would like to donate money can do so as a tax write off and a Section 18A certificate will be issued.

Make A Donation

Below is the bank account details to use for any donations made to Siyajubula going forward:

Name: Siyajubula Trust
Bank: Investec
Branch: Grayson Drive
Branch code: 580105
Account number: 5001 026 8688

If the donors would please email the information they would like included on their Section 18A certificate, as well as proof of payment if possible, the team will then draw up the certificate and email it to them.

Contact Details

Ewing Trust Company Ltd (Authorised Financial Services Provider – FSP 713)

Email Address:

Physical Address:
Mafavuke House, 28 Old Main Road, Hillcrest, 3610

Volunteers Manager
Megan Duggan
Contact: 0844495051
Contact: meg@pul.co.za


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