Road Accident Fund

You are able to claim from the Road Accident Fund for injuries sustained or death arising from an accident on the road. It is administrated by the South African government and funds are provided to the fund from the fuel levy.

The following can be claimed from the Road Accident Fund:

  • past and future medical expenses
  • loss of earnings (past and future)
  • general damages (pain and suffering) for serious injuries only
  • loss of support

The documents required to launch a claim with the Road Accident Fund are:

  • The police report and case number of the accident.
  • All your relevant personal details as well as those of any other person involved in the accident
  • All medical documents supporting the claim of injuries incurred
  • Any motivating testimony from medical and/or legal experts, as well as witness testimony
  • Any relevant information pertaining to the accident such as damages to vehicle/s and/or surrounding structures and most importantly, the official RAF forms are required

Who may make a claim?

  • A person who sustained a bodily injury in the accident (except a driver who was the sole cause of the accident)
  • A dependent of a deceased breadwinner
  • A close relative of the deceased who paid for the funeral
  • A claimant under the age of 18 years must be assisted by a parent, legal or guardian

As soon as your claim is processed, the legal proceedings commence. You may be required to testify in person as well as having witnesses testify on your behalf. Usually your legal representative will conduct the majority of the administration and presentation of evidence, however, you must be prepared to appear in person if need be.

Depending on the success of your claim, the RAF will award you compensation after the judgement has been passed and any appeals process has been completed. Although the process is largely handled exclusively by the RAF and those representing you, you must be willing to oblige with the RAF on any matter pertaining to your claim.

The legal issues involved in Road Accident Fund are complicated and you do not need to face it alone. For more information or for assistance with a claim please fill in the form below

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