I needed a little break from content development and opted to take a drive through our beautiful Upper Highway.
I’ve seen many posts regarding this farm stall but always seem to forget to stop or we in the area when they closed.
Tucked away under the trees is the quaint little shop Impala Ridge Farm filled with treasures.
They do pre-orders for veggies and other produce but of course, I didn’t plan well ?
I found a cool gin kit, lovely soaps, jams, and rusks but my absolute favourite…the freshly baked rolls
I bought some cheese, ham, some funny spikey fruit/veg thingy that tastes like basil and rolls for lunch.
This little shop is like a treasure chest the more I looked the more I found interesting items that wanted to add to my basket.
So next time you take a drive on the comrades route stop at this spot. It’s near the old 1000 hills hotel.
Call Impala Ridge Farm: 082 604 0040