First Aid Kits

Whether you need a first aid kit for your home, car, boat, restaurant, office or if you need a professional trauma kit – we have the right first aid kit for you. Quality products and affordable prices, ensuring you are equipped to deal with any emergencies. (Click here for more info on First Aid training and book a course)

First Aid Kits Are Mandatory

Did you know that First Aid Kits in the Workplace are mandatory? Is your business compliant?

The South African Health and Safety Regulations states that an employer shall take all reasonable steps that are necessary to ensure persons at work receive prompt first aid treatment in case of injury or emergency.  First Aid Kits must also be correctly placed and accessible for treatment when needed.

first aid kits hillcrest

Order your first aid kits today by filling in the form below and receive a certificate of compliance to ensure you are compliant and avoid any potential issues you might face should you not have a first aid kit.

When should first aid boxes be provided?

The regulation states that first aid facilities must be provided ”Where more than five employees are employed at a workplace

Placement of the first aid boxes

The employer must provide a first aid box or boxes at or near the workplace, available and accessible for the treatment of injured persons at that workplace.

How many and what kind of first aid boxes should be provided?

The number of boxes required should be determined by the employer, taking the following into account:

  • the type of injuries that are likely to occur at a workplace
  • the nature of the activities performed
  • the number of employees employed at such workplace
  • the kind of first aid box required will be dependent on the type of injuries that are likely to occur at at the workplace


First aid kits hillcrest

first aid kits hillcrest


(Click here for more info on First Aid training and book a course)

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