Through Passion for Hedgehogs, a rescue centre is born

23-year-old Veronica Strydom is striving to make a difference in the lives of an often misunderstood creature; The African Pygmy Hedgehog. In this article, Veronica tells us more about these special creatures and her rescue & re-home operation she is running.

Meet Pixie, one of the residents at APH Rescue & Re-Home

African Pygmy hedgehogs are not naturally occurring hedgehogs; they are a hybrid bred for domestication. They have a white belly, 4 toes on their back feet, and they come in -+ 26 different colours. African Pygmy hedgehogs do not belong in the wild. We take in rescue and surrendered hogs, and find them good loving homes.

Here at APH Rescue & Re-home, we currently have 5 adult hedgehogs in our care. I get asked a lot, Why hedgehogs? Of all the animals, why in the world did you choose hedgehogs? Well the answer is plain and simple, somebody had to do it, most people are saving cats & dogs, they fail to notice these little creatures.

The African Pygmy Hedgehog is a very high maintenance animal and definitely not for everyone. Most of the hogs I get in are because the person (mostly children) lost interest in them, or the person does not know how to look after them.  With every hedgehog that gets adopted, we give the new owner a care sheet as well as advise 24/7.

What is the difference between an APH and a South African hedgehog? The most important thing is APH cannot get cold and hibernate like the South African Hedgehog, they will die.  The South African hedgehog has a dark belly where the APH has a white belly and they come in different colours.  The APH has 4 toes on its back feet where the South African Hedgehog has 5.

Here is a fun fact about APH.  The APH is a hybrid/ cross between a Four-Toed Hedgehog & Algerian Hedgehog. They were bred for domestication and can therefore not survive in the wild. APH hedgehogs are also lactose intolerant. APH males reach sexual maturity at 6 weeks & females at 8 weeks, which means they can then start having babies!

If you have a hedgehog and want to learn more about them, or you have a hedgehog that you no longer can look after, please do not hesitate to send us a message, even though we are a small rescue we do not turn any hedgehog away.

For more information please contact Veronica Strydom – 073 306 6361

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