For more than 60 years the Animal Anti-Cruelty League, a registered NPO and PBO, has been promoting animal welfare in KZN, yet many people have never heard of our charity or know about the work we do.

Sterilisation is the primary focus for our charity as, without sterilisation, female dogs and cats will spend most of their lives bearing litters.  Females will continue to breed until their bodies can no longer withstand the on-going demands of repeated pregnancies. Male dogs are often maimed or even killed in fights as packs pursue any female dog in heat.  

The end result of non-sterilisation is a score of unwanted puppies and kittens which are often underfed and neglected.  Many will die of hunger and disease.  Of course, that is not all we do.  We  also provide shelter and rehabilitation for abandoned animals, promote an efficient adoption programme, prosecute cases of animal cruelty and manage feral cat colonies.  When funding permits, we  assist with flea and tick eradication by providing free dipping services to rural areas and informal settlements and we run education programmes.

We do our work quietly, but our impact is enormous.  We receive no Government funding and our work is only possible because of the hard work of our volunteers, and the generosity of our supporters.  Please will you help us to make the lives of animals in the greater Durban area much better?  We need:

Volunteers – to walk our dogs, help maintain our facilities, assist in our charity shop and at markets, and to fundraise for us.

Donate – dog and cat pet food, flea, tick and worm treatments, pet beds and blankets, and cleaning equipment.  We are grateful for any good used household items and clothing which we can sell in our charity shop.  Cash donations are always very gratefully received

Support our self-sustainability initiatives  by visiting us at  Artesia Well Farm, 53 Artesia Avenue (D657), Leckhampton Valley, Hammarsdale, 3699.  Google Maps Plus Code: 6JHR+HR Camperdown Rural.  

We are just 15 minutes from Hillcrest.  At our premises, you will find a tea garden, charity shop, paid for boarding facilities for your pets, a playground, swimming pool, peacocks, a very large black pig called Jackson and of course our beautiful residents (four footed) for whom we care.

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