Can YOU imagine a night in Punjab?!

A year-end function in Punjab will certainly be a memorable occasion. Besides, everyone loves to dress up.

But where is Punjab you might ask? Punjab is a state in Northern India. Being the richest state in the Indian sub-continent, Punjab has its own unique flavours of cuisine and a stunning style of traditional clothing. The rich flavours, enticing aromas and an assortment of colours pleasing all your senses and whisking you away into a night of tradition and culture….


Perfect For Private Functions & Year End Parties

Enterprise and endeavour, these two words symbolise the essential spirit of the people of Punjab. The essence of this special place has been perfectly captured by “Punjabi’s Authentic North Indian Restaurant” located at the Oxford Village in Hillcrest, Outer West Durban, KZN.  Punjabi dishes are rich in taste yet simple and fascinating and will suit even the most complex of palates. The venue offers the perfect setting for a themed function and your guests can take delight in dressing up and experience a trip to India without a passport.


Exciting Culture


Stunning Aromas and Colours of India

Punjabi’s offers free venue hire and will also assist with your décor. A variety of buffet options are available, or you can create a set menu and dine a la carte. Be sure to get your bookings in early so as not to be disappointed.



Address: Shop 31, Oxford Village, 9 Old Main Road
Telephone: 031 765 4779


Take-Aways Available


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