Things to consider when buying a car

Nothing says FREEDOM like your own set of wheels! When the time comes to purchase a car it can be both exciting and overwhelming. To help you with the process we have highlighted a few important things for you to consider when buying a car.

How much can you afford

Whilst this may seem obvious, many people visit a dealership without having a clearly defined budget. Once you have a budget you can work out how much you can put down as a deposit and then decide what model of vehicle you require to suit your needs whether it be for family or for business?

New or used

You’ve probably heard that a new car loses thousands in value the moment you drive it off the lot. Since that saying is actually true, you need to decide whether you are happy with a cheaper pre-owned vehicle or if you would prefer that “new car smell”.

Do your research and check your credit history

You have just got that promotion or a new job and you want to buy a car but does your credit score allow? Some people may be able to buy their car using cash but most people will have to consider applying for finance. This then brings up the matter of a credit report or fondly know as “ITC”. Knowing your credit history and researching which banks will give you the lowest interest rate is a vital step in purchasing a new vehicle.

Look out for special deals and launches

Most people seem to rush out to their nearest dealer when the time comes to buy a car. They have their mind and heart set on a particular car and are ready to BUY! But what if you could save a few thousand by waiting just a few weeks or even less? Be sure to check out what current special offers are available and speak to the sales team at the dealership about any upcoming launches or other offers that you may not yet know about.

Get a plan

Make sure to get a maintenance plan for your new vehicle or to check the outstanding motor plan on a used vehicle to see if it needs to be extended. Having a plan in place for maintenance will ensure you are not met with any expensive surprises down the road

If you are wanting advice or are looking for a new car then be sure to get in touch with the team at Alpine VW Hillcrest for incredible offers and service.

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