10 Business Travel Tips 

Travelling for business? Constantly unpacking and re-packing?  Or is it just a once-off trip that you really want to go well?  You’re not alone!  A huge demographic of workers travel for business but how many of those travellers can say their trip was a memorable and hassle-free experience?

We have 10 Business Travel Tips that will assist you in having a wonderful travel experience….

  1. Get a good place to stay

The last thing you need is having to fight your way to sleep through noise congestion or to spend the night tossing and turning on an uncomfortable bed. You need a good place to stay.  Something that is spacious with necessary amenities and feels homely, especially for longer trips, this will ensure you are significantly more comfortable.

  1. Make a list of what to pack

Creating your own “travel pack list” will ensure you don’t waste time to go through the same process of “what should I pack” each time you travel. You can edit your list as you go along so that you only ever pack what you will actually need & use. You can also note what you should include next time you travel. This will save time and ensure nothing is left behind.

  1. Duplicate travel documents

Print duplicates of important travel documents. Especially in Africa! Carrying everything with you while you travel is never a good idea because if you are confronted by a criminal act or are involved in an accident, you will most likely lose everything. While we hope that never happens, if it does you have your back up at the hotel / lodge / bnb . Even if everything you need is stored on your phone, having a hard copy is useful.  Phones get lost and batteries run out!

  1. Check your itinerary

Go over your travel itinerary a day or two before your journey and ensure you know your “game plan”.  Arriving at the station or your meeting at the wrong time or finding yourself in the wrong building is something nobody has time for!

  1. Charge up

Ensure you charge all devices and extra batteries / power-banks before you go. That way, regardless of any situation, you will be able to stay online and in business.

  1. Avoid the tempting fast food

Airports and highways are lined with fast & easy eating options. Junk food will make you feel lethargic and bloated… Go for a healthier option and ensure you have the energy and stamina you need for your trip

  1. Be prepared

When travelling we are often exposed to 3 seasons in a day and everything is on a tight schedule going from a breakfast meeting to a late lunch conference. Nothing could be worse than arriving somewhere having the smell of garlic from your earlier lunch linger. Be prepared for any situation. Be sure to carry your toothbrush, deodorant and wet wipes in your handbag or laptop bag so that you can freshen up before your meetings if required.

  1. Be wary of germs

Always carry antibacterial hand gel & wipes.

  1. Make the most of your travel time

If you have a lengthy drive or flight ahead of you then utilize that time to give back to yourself.  Take a nap on the flight or listen to the latest Audiobook of interest to you on the long drive. It does not ALL have to be business. Don’t forget to take care of YOU too.

  1. Go for a walk

Once you have checked in to your accommodation go for a walk. Stretch your legs and get some fresh air!  Even if you’re tired from your journey, go for a walk!  It’s a healthy, relaxing way to adjust to your new environment and to ensure a clear mental state for your business trip


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