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31 Debengeni Road , 3652, WATERFALL
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Two Guys and Co. is a home based business run by a wife and husband team and we are proudly South African endorsed. We are a well known and trusted supplier of quality Charcoal, Briquettes, Firewood and Firelighters not only in the Upper Highway area but in the whole of Durban.

Two Guys and Co. was founded in 2019 and established in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic whilst sitting amongst friends over a braai and a few beverages. Some guys got chatting and one thing they could all agree on was that nothing should be done solo but always together.
Ironically, the slogan “Why braai ace out” was then born – this means why do it solo? This is a wonderfully catchy slogan that should be incorporated into products, daily activities and businesses.
We have taken over the passion to continue building a brand amongst friends, family, community and the greater local population. Your guys are our guys and our guys are your guys.

We run monthly specials as well as deliver for free based on orders and collections are also welcome.  We make use of a local printing company for our nifty stickers. We make use of a local branding company (behind the scenes there is a very clever person with lots of creative juices). We make use of a local packaging company (we use recycled plastic bags because we are all doing our part to save the environment). We support the local forestry and farming guys. Our wood is cut, dried and stored.

Together we go further, local is lekker because “Why braai ace out?”


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