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Shop LG22 Watercrest Mall, 3610, WATERFALL
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Games Dot Com is an 8-year-old specialist gaming retailer based in Durban, focusing on sales of electronic games and accessories as well as repairs and maintenance of consoles and mobile devices. The business operates in an industry worth an estimated R3.3 billion. Games Dot Com is first and foremost a specialist, with knowledge and expertise surpassing large retailers who stock the products for its own sake. It offers console trade-ins as well as onsite repair services with vastly superior turnaround times; a vastly more compelling proposition to its other specialist competitors.

The price of electronic gaming has risen drastically over the last five years, which has encouraged the behavior of game trade-ins or swaps from older versions to the latest versions or from pre-owned games to newer titles. Games Dot Com has adopted this model successfully in both game and console trade-ins by allowing for healthier trade values, and parents have resultantly been able to cushion large price increases to accommodate their children’s ‘expensive’ hobby. The business also has a secondary target market of older gamers, earning their own income but who are tech-savvy, adopting not only gaming consoles but also mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These customers require the latest accessories as well as repair and maintenance services from time to time.

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