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Inanda road, 3610, HILLCREST
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CannaCure has been making the CannaK9 biscuits, CannaKitty Smitten Biscuits and CannaEquine biscuits since 2016.

The Biscuits can be used for:

Aging furr-kids, mobility, arthritis, aches and pains, skin conditions, hip displaysure, separation anxiety, over activeness, aggressiveness, fear of thunder and lightning and fireworks, fits and seizures… The list goes on…

The CannaK9 biscuits are made according to the weight and breed of the doggies.

We have Distributors in various areas. Deliveries are done in various areas on certain days.

Contact Talita on 0824614975 or Jorge on 0786697362 for more information about our various products

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