Vegan-Friendly at the Conscious Café

Conscious Cafe Vegan Restaurant Hillcrest, KZN

The wonderful thing about food is you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world.  ~Michael Pollan~

What does it mean to eat consciously?

Think about your last great meal, it was so tasty that regardless of how hungry you were you savoured each bite, you knew intuitively how much to eat to feel content and not overly full. Your accompanying emotional states were pleasurable. The memory of the meal lingered, each thought about the meal triggered pleasant sensory responses.  This is eating consciously.

What does it mean to eat unconsciously? 

Think about a time when you were overly hungry, where there was a desperate edge to that hunger that reduced the satisfaction and eliminated the pleasure and minimised the good memories. You just chewed and swallowed and probably wound up feeling uncomfortably full and lethargic. This resembles eating unconsciously.

Delicious Vegan Food at Conscious Cafe at The Castle On Main Rd

Eating consciously now has more to do with the foods we choose, and where we choose to spend our money, than just mere sensory responses.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are all aware of the dire predicament in which we and our planet are caught up at this point in human history. Eating consciously has perhaps made the most sacred space in our home the kitchen, not the yoga room, or the altar with a candle or the chair by the window where you meditate and pray.

The more we are immersed in the sanctity of food and its origins, the more likely we are to be repelled by processed, genetically modified, factory-farmed and chemically-laden foods that have been produced by way of massive resource and ecological destruction which ultimately delivers more of the same to your physiology.

We should all be conscious about the food we buy and eat, from the moment the seed is planted in the earth to the moment we have washed and put away the plate on which our food was served.

How we eat matters not only to ourselves but to everyone else.  In the words of Peter Rolland, “The way we eat is the way we live.  How we eat is who we are. Let us affirm that which is best in us and in each other through the sacrament of food”.

At Conscious Café all the ingredients are sourced from as many local organic farmers in the area as possible, including the milk, however, there are other options of milk available at Conscious Café like nut or soya milk for coffees etc.

Conscious Café believes in the Energy Life Force of Food and their motto is
“Act Locally, Think Globally”

Address: 24B Old Main Road, Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal 3610

The Castle On Old Main Road In Hillcrest


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