The Ultimate Gift

For some, the Ultimate Gift may be a new TV or a fancy new car or a holiday at the beach. For others the Ultimate Gift is something most take for granted; food, electricity or clothes.

Welcome to The Ultimate Gift, a special online group to assist the disadvantaged locals with jobs, electricity, food, clothes, furniture and other basic essentials. A judgement-free zone where members of the community can appeal for help.


The group is purely about assisting those in need, it’s about respect for others, their needs, their situations, providing a platform for them to be assisted. Opinions and choices are respected,  a place where the community join hands and make life a little easier and assist in making some dreams come true. 

The target group is children, women and any family which needs assistance. The team members reach out to individuals and families which may need assistance, and there are various projects and activities widely networking with community members.

Embracing urban and rural areas, services are rendered free of charge to all members, irrespective of race or creed. Currently based in Durban and Johannesburg but servicing all areas they can reach, this community-based organization serves the needs of members in various communities. 


Who started this?

The Ultimate Gift registered (NPO 231-514) was founded in March 2019 by Miss Roche’ Benade and Miss Cheryl Naidoo. The foundation was built strongly and purely on the love to assist others in need.

Passion to help led them to create the group which is based on respect for individuals and their current situations. Roche’ is no longer part of the organization but will always be honoured for her love and passion to assist others on The Ultimate Gift.

The Ultimate Gift’s goal is to be able to feed as many families as possible, and would also like to place members in a learnership program in which they will be enabled and empowered to sustain an income.

The Ultimate Gift Group appeal to the community to assist with any non-perishable items for donation to those in need and urge you to join the group and keep an eye out for any requests that you may be able to assist with.

Do we say it enough?
If not, here goes…..

THANK YOU for everything. For your contributions, for being here, for your kindness, for your advice, your time…

THANK YOU for every sacrifice you make to be a part of this beautiful team.

Thank you for the time and money you spend, the time away from your family and the sacrifices you make for us, you are so appreciated.


YOU are a huge part of why this is a success…

We appreciate you, we love you.

Group Rules

    1. You can only receive once every 30 days.
    2. You can’t sell items received on TUG.
    3. The poster or receiver needs to update us when goods are received.
    4. Area has to be stated on the post.
    5. Please do not PM members without their permission.
    6. Please, do not remove posts.
    7. Personal details are not to be posted on the group
    8. If you have donations to pass on directly to TUG, arrangements have to be made ONLY with The Admin Team / Samantha Loos , Sarah Jane , Cheryl Honey Naidoo 
    9. Please don’t ask for money.
    10. If you are asking for a friend, please state their name & surname


Gifts are given willingly, but this does not include delivery, please make an effort to collect, or rather not ask for something if a collection is going to be a problem. You may ask for something once a month so please decide carefully on what is really NEEDED before asking.

***Breaking the rules will result in you being muted/removed from the group***

We would like to encourage everyone to give back, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, it could make the world of difference to someone else.

Click here to join the Facebook Group 

Thank you for joining our group & we really appreciate your assistance in sharing love & happiness, which is The Ultimate Gift

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