The vibrant design caught my eye as we were leaving the Conscious Cafe at the Castle on Old Main Road. As we walked to the car and on closer inspection, I realized I had picked up a business card for a “psychic”. I had a little giggle and joked with my colleague that we should call her up and see what it’s all about. Well, I wasn’t ready for that phone call. The phone rang twice and was answered with a warm Irish Accent, this lady blew me away immediately. She greeted me by my full name, asked me if I had enjoyed my carrot cake & coffee and proceeded to ask some personal questions she simply could never have known anything about. I was SOLD.

The Conscious Cafe

Wanting to know more about esoteric subjects such as Channeling, Tarot and The Gift of Sight, I booked a consult & Interview with Sarah Henderson aka THE IRISH OWL. This was no easy task, I might add, as owls don’t like the spotlight. But after much convincing, Sarah agreed that I could share these notes from the interview.

THE IRISH OWL has a unique personalized approach to Spiritual Guidance & Psychic Readings offering you an experience of empowerment & enlightenment.

Sarah Henderson – The Irish Owl


Where are you from? Give us a sneak peek into your history!

I am from Northern Ireland, born on Friday the 13th – I came to South Africa 5.5 years ago. With plans to stay. I relocated here when my husband was offered a work opportunity. The journey started off being about him but in the end, was truly about me because Ireland has a very big block and stigma around the services I offer. I would never have stepped into my true calling if I had not been called to Africa!

When did your psychic journey begin? 

My grandmother (Georgie) who passed many years ago and who I believe is around me every day, gifted a book to me when I was one (1977) … called the Flower Fairies …. and somehow all these years later, I still have the book. This book made me believe from a young age that we were all magical .. and could use our ‘magic’ to help ourselves and other people.  I always used to know when friends were hurting or sad, this brought out my natural counselling skills from very young. I experienced prophetic dreams, I used to talk to “spirits” at night that was way beyond “imaginary friends”.  I would sit on my bed with numerous souls and talk with them late into the night.

When did you use your first tools and what was it?

It wasn’t until I was 24 that I used my first tarot card set, at the time I was exploring paganism and wanted a better understanding. I did my first reading on myself and it was very spot on.  I believe everyone has psychic ability whereas mediumship has more taboo around it. I keep getting messages about what I am supposed to be doing and the direction I should take. I have learnt to honour my intuition and this has drawn me to work with many tools including Crystals, Pendulums, Tarot & Oracle Cards. I have even created my very own IRISH OWL STONES

Irish Owl Stones and Decks of Cards

What are Irish Owl Stones?

My favourite tools! Irish owl stones are what I used for my very first professional consult. These are little white stones with unique words on them. I change the words for each consult, I create a scared space and cleanse them and then write words on the stones intuitively. I have no idea who is going to get what and it is always very exciting to see peoples reactions to what they have drawn. The clients get to keep the stones after their sessions.

Irish Owl Stones

How and why did you choose the name Irish Owl?

The name the Irish Owl came to me in a dream after my consult with another psychic, I had been playing around for a few days with the name and drawing and writing names down , I asked the universe to send me a sign and I was told in a dream that the Irish Owl it would be!

A number of tools and decks are used for consults

Why did you decide to start offering these services?

I have been assisting friend’s and family for many years. I decided to officially start 2 years ago after being encouraged by another psychic. I felt the time was right and had been practising in a solitary way for nearly 20 years and I didn’t realise I was doing it in a way that would be accepted by society.

Home Cleansings are also available

What has been the biggest challenge for you in this industry?

Changing people’s perceptions about who and what I am. Breaking the negative pattern of comparing myself to others and stepping into my own authentic space; it has been a challenge but very rewarding finally stepping into my own power.

Followers get to enjoy online guidance

Have the perceptions changed?

YES, everyone that has come to see me has been impacted positively. I am a believer of free will and that you are the creator of your own reality. I am not a fortune teller but with my ability and tools, I am able to offer guidance. I assist people with getting in touch with their own answers that lie within because the magic is within!

Saffron the Cat is one of the animals that enjoys helping with readings

What are the most common reasons people consult with you for?

Love advice is a big one but also at the moment many people are coming to me for advice on immigration, I even have a deck that has become a favourite for immigration readings these cards are called Earth Magic. Often people come to see when the shit hits the fan but this is not the ideal time for a consult, as when people come when they are in a more harmonious flow with life they are much more perceptive. So many people come and ask about their husbands, sons and daughters and someone else’s life when really it should be about them.

Do you have an age limit for your consults?

My oldest client is 78 and the youngest I have seen is 19, you are never too young or too old to seek the answers within but I won’t consult for anyone below 18years old without their parent’s consent. Consults are strictly private, I do not entertain 2 people in the room at any given time.

What are all the services you offer?

House cleanings; it is never just a house cleansing, it includes a pre and post counselling session. Online consultations via email, video or whatsapp – to the client’s preference. As well as Private Consults at the Owl Cave
All consultations include: Stones, the cards and the crystal energy

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