Meet Tarynne Cass 

The Natural Way – Health, Fitness and Nutritional Consulting 

Hi, I am Tarynne, owner of TNW Gym.  I am a powerlifter and personal trainer who is passionate about health and strength, and assisting others in optimising their health, strength and fitness. 

It sounds cliched… but my son inspires me.   I want to show him that diligence, hard work and discipline will reap huge rewards in life.  A strong foundation will create a great future for him. 

I love the Upper Highway,

The weather, the people, our beautiful conservancies. 

After giving birth to my son (nearly 18 years ago) I decided I could not go back to work, leaving him every day for 10 hours.  That motivated the beginning of The Natural Way.  I started as an agent for different health products and saw a few private clients for personal training.  I started with only a borrowed bike, a stability ball and  a few resistance bands BUT also a heart full of passion for health and fitness.  The journey has had ups and downs, tough times but awesome times.  These days my day starts at 415am in the gym and I tuck my gym to bed at 8pm but I get to do what I LOVE every single, day.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING.  Who else is able to say that?? I am very blessed.   

I offer personal training, group training, nutritional advice and customized eating plans.  What ever your goals or needs, I can assist. 

I have a few mottos that I live by : 


#strongafmindbodysoul 🤪😉🤣 – not sure that would be allowed on social media🤣

”Your body listens to your mind so be very careful what you tell it” 

I am a ‘no bling, no fuss’ kinda gal.  What you see is what you get and I live life to the fullest.

☎️ 062 469 6374