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Status Quo

Be fashionable in a bold and comfortable way with elegant styles from Status Quo. Situated in the Oxford Village Centre, Status Quo Hillcrest is a Women’s Clothing & Accessory store that offers a wide range of unique pieces ensuring you can make make a fashion statement whilst staying true to yourself.

Other services available include seamstress services; dressmaking, CMT services, and alterations. Making this store a one-stop-shop for all your fashion and clothing needs.

womens clothing store hillcrest

With fashion, anything goes and more often than not people push themselves to stand out amongst the crowd and make a statement. We all want to be trendsetters,  but taking a relaxed approach to styling oneself is really where true fashion shines. Status Quo has carefully combined elegance, comfort, and fashion to bring you items that are unique, comfortable and stylish.

From trendy dresses to stylish shoes, sunglasses, handbags and so much more, the store stocks various items ensuring there is something for every lady to enjoy!

Colors are a major part of fashion. Bright colors get noticed, while neutral hues blend into the background. You’ll want to use both in your wardrobe for maximum versatility. The store stocks a range of items in various colors ensuring you have what you need for any occasion.

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Oxford Shopping Centre, 9 Old Main Rd

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Article by Tasmyn-Jain van Niekerk