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Organic growing isn’t only about throwing away the chemical weed killers and pesticide sprays. It is also not just about adding some Organic Fertilizer. It is far more challenging, exciting and rewarding than one might first realize.

What is Organic Growing?

A basic definition of organic growing is gardening without synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides.  An organically managed tunnel, garden or vegetable patch, is rather cultivated based on an ecosystem that sustains and nourishes the plants, soil microbes and beneficial insects.

Organic Growing involves much more than choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and growth hormones. It involves understanding the ecosystem, how to set it up and correctly maintain it.

Here To Help You Grow

OrganiCraft is on a mission to educate the public about organic horticulture, with the aim to provide the highest quality organic growing products to both local and international markets.

A combination of passion and experience means that this locally produced team can help you develop & implement an organic system plan that ensures you meet your growing goals… ORGANICALLY!


Growing your own food/garden can be a life-changing experience! Fresh produce grown organically in your own garden is the best assurance that your food and/or garden is safe and not contaminated by toxic chemicals often used in commercial growing.

Whether you want to create an indigenous landscape, grow flowers, herbs, veggies or simply want to add colour to your garden, the OrganiCraft range offers something to suit every need. With a wide selection and fantastic prices on Eco-Friendly Products, OrganiCraft is here to help you grow happy and healthy plants that the environment will thank you for!

OrganiCraft Range

  • Tunnels For Outdoor Growing
  • Organic Super Soil
  • Wide Range of Grow Bags (multiple colours and sizes)
  • Organic Compost Tea Brewers
  • OrganiGrow (Insect Frass)
  • Custom Organic Starter Kits

What is Insect Frass?
Insect Frass is quite literally the poop and decaying exoskeletons of arthropods.  This is what can be used instead of harmful chemicals and nutrients. Insect frass is the ideal 100% organic fertilizer that’s 100% safe to use. It not only has a great diversity of macro and micronutrients comparable to that of the guano’s and earthworm castings, but it is also rich in beneficial bacteria, fungi and protozoa which helps replenish micro life in your soil.

OrganiCraft ensures that only environmentally friendly processes are used in the production of all products which are locally made right here in Hillcrest.

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Absolutely awesome service, helped me out with absolutely everything I could have needed to get myself growing ?? super great quality all round and some of the best customer service and after-sale service ?? always have time for me as a customer ! Highly recommended – Thank you OrganiCraft –  Brendon Baxter 
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