We are trying to be a little healthier 😉
Lets be honest we not the water and boring food kinda couple🤤 but we found a solution to our bad eating habits 🙂
We discovered a small startup business in UH owned by two incredible ladies!
Quick, convenient, fresh, healthy and affordable are words that are rarely used together when describing pre made meals.
Nurimental meals offer all of the above and more. Careful menu planning means that your daily calorie intake can be monitored and maintained and the use of varied and fresh ingredients means interesting meals with very little duplication.
The focus is on fresh meals NOT frozen meals.
Portion sizes are good and the food very tasty while being very reasonably priced.
Nurimental offers several options in terms of meal plans.
Visit their Facebook for more info.
Contact Nurimental
Whatsapp: +27 72 104 7579