On a sweeter note, if you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth (or savoury), N O S H is the perfect spot to do just that.
This dainty dessert cafe, located in the Hillcrest Centre, offers everything but a dainty selection of the most tantalising milkshakes, smoothies, pancakes, ice cream cups, savoury and sweet waffles, and even breakfast waffles (is that even a thing?).
We thought it best to select from their sweet and savoury waffle selection.
We started things off with “The Toff”, a soft fluffy waffle topped with camembert cheese, crispy bacon, figs, and a berry sauce.
We then moved on to the “Death By Chocolate” waffle which offered the selection of either a vanilla or chocolate waffle base, topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chocolate drops.
Both choices were equally as delicious!
To drink, we tried their coffee(obviously) as well as their ice-cold “Peanut Power” smoothie.
The staff were well on the ball and offered friendly prompt service. Definitely worth the visit!
Contact NOSH
Phone: 078 253 6860