Mega Water Purification Hillcrest 

Do you know if the water you are drinking is clean?

Mega water purification hillcrest

Local KZN businessman, Morne’ Bothma, is the proud owner of Mega Water Purification in Hillcrest.

Morne’ is on a mission to ensure that you drink safe, clean, pure water!

Make the right deal for your body and choose to consume purified water.

mega water purification hillcrest

Clean water is essential for every human being, for drinking, cooking and other daily uses purposes like bathing, teeth brushing and washing clothes. It does not just make our life healthier but also fulfils a hygiene purpose.

Consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious health issues! 

The regular tap water being supplied in your home might seem clear but possesses various sorts of health-affecting bacteria and viruses such as fluorine compounds, chlorine, mercury, lead, pesticides, dirt and other types of waste and other impurities.

The most dangerous of these is chlorine. Did you know that chlorine is poisonous to humans?

Chlorine is a chemical that inhibits bacterial growth in water. Which is a great necessity, as the water travels many kilometres to get to your home. However, this substance can be extremely poisonous to humans. It is therefore so important to extract this chemical out of the tap water prior to drinking it.

Filtering water will not only help purify the water, removing the impurities and making it safe to drink but will also improve its taste.

Visit Mega Water at the Christian Village Centre for a demo to see just how dirty normal tap water is!

Mega Water Purification Hillcrest


Mega Water Purification in Hillcrest specializes in water purification from domestic to large industrial systems and offers a range of services and products including but not limited to:

  • Domestic tap water purifier
  • Industrial water purification systems
  • Water coolers and rentals
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Sediment Filters
  • Ice Machines
  • Suppliers of purified ice to your door
  • Branded bottled water
  • Refill your bottles at R1.20 per litre

Be sure to get your loyalty card and receive your 10th bottle of water absolutely FREE! 

Mega water purification hillcrest


Get a Single Countertop Unit for ONLY R1 250.00!
T&C’s applies, only while stocks last

Single Countertop Unit (SCU) with replaceable Cartridge. These units are easily installed in a few minutes and can be disconnected just as easily, to travel with you on holiday or to and from work.

This purifying cartridge has been designed to remove Chlorine, bacteria and harmful substances out of tap water. Giving you a delicious, sweet experience hydrating your thirst.

Mega Water offers a range of affordable water purification solutions, why not try out the ECO PURE water filter to protect your family?

mega water purification hillcrest

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