Interior Designer JENNIFER JONES was invited to feature as this years Designer Showcase at Decorex, held in Sandton, Gauteng, at the beginning of August. She shared the passion for unique creative detail, as well as form and function, that has made her a leading Interior Designer and Decorator in South Africa for over 25 years.

Jennifer brought her special mix of glamour and taste to the show, created using her own furniture designs, artwork and stylish furnishings, along with her signature bespoke hats designed to add a further creative dimension to not only exhibit her personally curated fashion style – one for which she has become renown over the years.

Decorex was also the launch place of Jennifers THE ULTIMATE JJ SOFA range  –  She has developed its completely revolutionary structure with a local Durban manufacturer applying equal amounts of History, Science and Engineering which has resulted in a sofa designed to last, to be both practical and comfortable – a sofa designed to be in the heart of every home – The Ultimate JJ Sofa!

Each of the four rooms which made up her 50m2 Showcase incorporated both luxury products and affordable elements – allowing people to experience some of what she offers when creating a home. Most of the furniture and accessories are manufactured locally by teams she trusts  –   “ Creating opportunities that support small local business is a very important aspect of my business that I am passionate about”.  The fully outdoor mobile bar, which has the option of accommodating the Big Green Egg weighing 70kg – demonstrated Jennifer’s keen sense of practical and versatile design!

Jennifer’s constant quest to add the unexpected – to push creativity – has found purchase in the development of custom artwork on a grand scale. Working closely with local fine artist, Graham Harrison, she has taken a lifetime’s passion for painting on walls and creates bespoke handpainted wall arts for her clients. Each wall art starts out with her own sketches and visions for her clients. In most cases, each element is hand painted and using graphic applications she works with the artist to create the vision she has for her client, the result – large scale bespoke artwork in a fine wallpaper medium. Together they created the artworks on show, save one which was adapted and  “on loan” from a proud client.

On any design project, Jennifer provides so much more than a collection of excellent and tasteful creative work and products. Jennifer has a knack for getting to know the client in a deep and insightful way. This informs her work and gives her the edge when making choices for their homes and spaces which transcend trends and time – design which lives with her clients and embraces them in their homes long after the handover.

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