How do you pick the best school for your child?

Whether you are choosing a public or private school or home-schooling, careful planning is a must. As you go through the process of choosing a school for your child, remember that you are looking for a school that will make the educational experience for your child as rewarding as possible.

Finding a school in the upper highway

Here are some tips to consider that will assist you in finding the right school for your child!

  • Start your search by first understanding what you want a school to do for your child. Perhaps your child has a special talent or has a special language or educational need.  Keep these in mind.  After all, you know your child better than anyone else does.
  • Write down five things that are most important to you, such as curriculum, religion, extra curriculums etc. As you go through the selection process, you may want to revise your list. Along with the schools’ curricula and philosophy, you should also enquire about school policies and services. Always consider the after-school programs a school offers, for example, sports, clubs, tutoring, or academic enrichment.
  • When investigating schools be sure to rely on word of mouth as this is always the most reliable source. Ask your friends, family and neighbours for recommendations. You may also have to make phone calls, collect written material from different schools and look for reports in your local paper to get the information you need. You can check public school report cards and go to school open days. The hard work will be worth your while if you find a school that brings out the best in your child.
  • Contact the schools you are interested in and make an appointment for a visit. If possible, tour the schools during regular school hours and visit a few classes. Avoid visiting schools during the first or last week of a term in order to get a realistic sense of how the school operates.
  • A good way to have your questions answered is to schedule an appointment with the school principal. If possible, attend an open house, parent-teacher meeting, or other school function that would also provide valuable information about the attitudes of staff, students, and parents. Listen closely to what teachers say about the school and observe the students, this will tell you alot about the school.

The teachers will be the adults closest to your child, and you will want to know if they are well prepared, dedicated, and happy in their work.

  • Once you select the school(s) that you think will be best for your child, you will go through a process of applying to a school (or schools) of your choice and enrolling your child. Consider applying to more than one school, in case your child is not admitted to their first choice. You will want to begin this process as early as possible to ensure you meet all the deadlines.
  • Admissions processes can vary. Your child may need to be tested or interviewed, and you may need to provide a school transcript, recommendations, or other information. It would be helpful to learn about the admissions criteria for the schools. You will want to double check to be sure you have accurate information on when and how to apply.


Once you have reached the point of admission you can congratulate yourself! Your child will benefit tremendously from your active concern and involvement with his or her education. However, this is only the beginning. By staying involved in your child’s education, encouraging your child to work hard, and providing additional opportunities to learn at home and in the community, you can help your child go further still.

Remember it is your right, as well as your responsibility, to seek the very best education for your son or daughter.


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