Help Syamthanda Fight!
10-year-old Syamthanda Nxasana was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2021, the day after Christmas. The news came as a great shock, particularly during the time of family, thanksgiving and goodwill 💙
Siya (as she is fondly known by her friends and family) is a learner of Westville Senior Primary School and most of her 2022 school year has been spent in hospital, where she has been bravely battling this disease. Siya has missed her family and friends terribly. It has been a very trying time for Siya and her family; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and financially.
Siya has a strong fighting spirit and on days when her treatment is not weighing her down, she boldly beams with a beautiful smile of hope and determination 💙
After months of aggressive chemotherapy, Siya’s battle is not yet over, and there is still a lot of hope on the horizon. Siya is now at a stage in her treatment where she is in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant. Since no familial matches were found, the search is now on for a donor. This is going to be a very costly and trying battle ahead but this procedure will give her a stronger fighting chance at beating this disease.
Like most 10-year-olds, Siya’s eyes sparkle with hopes and dreams and in her heart lies boundless potential. Siya enjoys singing and dancing and one day wants to be a doctor, a singer or a dancer. We would like to see this brave young girl achieve her dreams.
Please join us in helping Syamthanda fight and beat cancer 💙💙💙
Due to expensive treatments this year, Siya’s medical funds have been exhausted and much needed funds will help contribute to Siya’s urgent medical costs. Anyone who wants to contribute may contact Peta Mumford at Westville Senior Primary School –
Westville Senior Primary will be hosting a Bone Marrow Donor Drive on Wednesday 22 June from 07:30 until 09:00. This will be hosted by SABMR (South African Bone Marrow Registry), where anyone between the ages of 16-45 years may come through to be tested, to see if they are a bone marrow match for Siya or anyone else battling Leukaemia. This process of testing is easy and takes the form of a quick mouth swab. Please come and help us support Siya!
If you are unable to come to Syamthanda’s Donor Drive on Wednesday 22 June, then you may go to the SABMR page and register to become a donor and have a test kit/s sent to you free of charge. The website address is:
Alternatively, Westville Senior Primary will also have donor test kits available from the 22nd of June 💙