Yoga, in the Upper Highway, fast become a popular activity and exercise of choice. What better way to explore the world than through new eyes found in Yoga?

Doing Yoga Now In The Upper Highway Area

The Valley of 1000 Hills offers a variety of stunning backdrops for a truly unique Yoga experience.

This may be one of the many reasons why yoga enthusiast, Caitlin Kerr, decided to base her yoga practice (Doing Yoga Now) along the comrade’s marathon route in the heart of Drummond.

Caitlin offers Yoga classes throughout the Upper Highway focusing on Body Alignment, Balance, Strength and Flexibility. Meditation and Yoga Nidra for Relaxation, Enlightenment and Empowerment. Yoga today is about engaging with your own consciousness and cultivating body awareness for a better quality of life. The yoga practices she teaches are focused on these elements.



Group & Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga Retreats

Yoga workshops & events

Classes at local gyms

Sunrise Yoga


Please call Caitlin on 0635653977 
to find out about current class schedules, rates and availability.

Caitlin’s passion for Yoga often takes her to India and beyond, not only to further her own training but to facilitate yoga classes and retreats for teachers and students alike. Be sure to follow her journey on social media and catch her when she is home by pre-booking classes.

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A note from Caitlin

Yoga was always intriguing, but I only started doing it when I was 19. I practised on and off for a few years but my passion for art and music (and the work I had to do to sustain these passions) kept me very busy. Eventually, I found myself attending regular classes at the Jivamukti school, which showed me a whole new side of yoga. By 2015 I had decided that one day I would travel to India to learn the traditions of yoga and it happened much sooner than I expected – just 2 years later.

In 2017, I completed my first teacher training at a school of Tantra Philosophy, specialising in TriDosha Yoga, Standing Alignment and Siddha walking massage. 2 years later, I returned to a different part of India to complete a further 450 hours of training in Yoga Therapy, Hatha, Yin and Aerial Yoga.

What drives my passion is making this ancient philosophy understandable, relevant and applicable to modern situations; helping people to unravel or perhaps reveal the mystery of consciousness and the human experience, with time-tested techniques that are increasingly supported by modern research.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your Yoga journey, for now, I will leave you with 6 Yogasana to celebrate the divine feminine.

yours in Yoga



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