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Heavenly Hamburgers is a Gourmet Catering Company based in Durban, KZN. We Specialize in Gourmet Hamburgers but we do other meals and options aswell.


Buns, Meat and Salad
Our Burger Buns are bought in from a local company who specializes in the most freshest Burger Buns available. Our Mince used for our Patties is bought locally and our Burger Patties are homemade and each one in individually pressed. Our Salad ingredients are also locally sourced from the freshest of the cop.




Our menu ranges from your old school to some mind blowing custom meals and sides.

Gourmet Burgers
We currently offer a Burger Night in the Upper Highway Area.
We also do a Build-a-Burger Bar where we supply YOU with everything you need.
Birthdays, Weddings and Functions – We can come to you and serve up some delicious Gourmet Burgers

From Beef to Chicken and even Vegetarian, we have some of the most tastiest Homemade Meals for your Freezer.
All meals are portioned for one person BUT family discounts do apply. We can delivery anywhere in KZN.
(Delivery charges do apply to certain areas)

Muffins and Cakes
We have a wide variety of already made muffins, which come individually packaged and label. They come frozen and defrost very quickly if left in a school lunchbox or work bag (+-1hr). Our muffins are as fresh as they were the day the were baked when they have defrosted. These come in packs of 12, 24, 36 and 48. We have a vast range of cakes that we make for all occasions. Our cakes are super moist and dense with some of the most amazing flavours all within one cake. Pictures and available in our Gallery.

Burger Patties
Our Burger Patties are homemade from only the freshest ingredients.
Our Burger Patties do have Gluten in them due to the spice and binding oats we use in the Patties, but they are completely EGG/Dairy free. For customers allergic to Gluten we can do 100% Beef Only Burger Patties, these would need to be ordered on request.

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