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131 Diedricks Avenue , Johannesburg South, Gauteng 2190, South Africa
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Autofin Assist understands that life can be “hectic”, and it can make you feel “septic”. We are here to help in the despair!

We help solve our clients’ vehicle finance problems and put them into the driver’s seat of their personal wealth. Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle, interested in refinancing your vehicle at a lower interest rate, in need of competitive vehicle finance or you are cash strapped and you need a cash loan. We can offer you cash loans, vehicle finance or refinancing of your vehicle. This means that we can help you if you need instant cash or if you need to own a vehicle. Do you want to own the car of your dreams or are you looking for a lower interest rate on your vehicle finance? we can assist you.

We work with all the major banks.

We’ve all been in financial dips in life and the valleys can seem dark and extremely daunting at times… however Autofin Assist can help you regain your financial flow. Let us help you climb that ladder to your future financial freedom.


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