Medical Supplies For Coronavirus

Medical material and other goods shortages caused by the #covid19 coronavirus pandemic are a major issue of the ongoing pandemic. Empeleni Health Services Africa (EHSA) supply a wide range of medical equipment and supplies and are working around the clock to provide the necessary medical equipment for the #Covid19 pandemic. 

On the medical side, shortages of personal protective equipment such as medical masks, gloves, glasses, other clothes, sanitizing products, is also joined by a potential shortage of more advanced devices such as hospital beds, ICU beds, oxygen therapy, mechanical ventilation and ECMO devices.

Human resources, especially in term of medical staff, may be drained by the overwhelming extent of the coronavirus epidemic and associated workload, together with losses by contamination, isolation, sickness or mortality among this personnel.

surgical masks

EHSA strive to provide the necessary equipment during this time.
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More About EHSA

Proudly supplying Africa with Medical Equipment. Effective Healthcare Solutions Africa has been trading in the market place since its establishment in 1988 as a Close Corporation. As of 2016, Effective Healthcare Solutions Africa started trading under a new entity: EMPELENI HEALTH SERVICES AFRICA Pty Ltd (EHSA). This business entity has been initiated in order to be BBBEE compliant. All of EHSA’s vast experience and expertise in Medical Equipment continues to be utilized by this new entity. EHSA continue to offer Healthcare Technology Services, consulting and project co-ordination services to healthcare industry clients as well as a secondary supply arm.

Essentially, Healthcare Technology Services encompasses integrated planning and commissioning, which meets both the planning, procurement, supply and commissioning roles essential to the delivery of a successful project. These services include consultation, planning, identification, specification, budgetary analysis, global procurement and supply services of Medical Equipment. It is a service that extends from initiation to completion and is backed by an impressive level of professionalism.

EHSA utilises its employees` medical background and expertise to achieve exceptional standards of proficiency and success. The consultancy-based arm provides expertise based on extensive experience as healthcare professionals and the supply arm is able to maintain an impartial approach in the evaluation of the client’s needs for Medical Supplies. EHSA can, therefore, utilise the services of associate specialists in meeting a broad spectrum of requirements.

On each project, great care is taken to ensure that the medical equipment specified for that region is backed by the necessary skills and is compatible with equipment supplied locally.

A strong emphasis is placed on providing product training, including in-service and application training.

EHSA is able to source the best products from a broad base of manufacturers and suppliers and, as a leader in this field, is able to command the keenest prices with resultant economies of scale for all clients.

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