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Whether you are looking for new or used cars for sale in Hillcrest, Pinetown, PMB or surrounds – we can help you find the right deal.

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new and used cars for sale hillcrest

Important Tips for Buying a Car

1. Do Your Research

It’s not advised to arrive at a car dealership without first researching the kind of car you want to buy. You can find out just about anything you want to know about a car online.

2. Shop Around

Unless it is an emergency situation, shop around before you buy a car.

3. Buy a Car You Can Afford

If you are considering buying another car before your current vehicle is paid off, you need to seriously reassess whether or not you can really afford to buy another car.

4. Look at Both New and Used Cars

In the past, buying a gently used car was the best way to save money when purchasing a vehicle. A big reason behind this logic is that new cars depreciate considerably the moment they are taken home from the dealership.


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