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It is the simple things in life that bring us joy – such as a child finding “treasure” whilst at the mall. When we find these simple joys, the onus is on us to ensure the ripple effect keeps going!

A recent post on Facebook in the Upper Highway Info community group is a testimony to the massive effect a small, random act of kindness can bring. After seeing this story, Alpine Volkswagen Hillcrest decided to “Rock the Ripple Effect of Kindness”

Alpine VW Rocks

Brent White reached out to the Upper Highway Info Community Group in hopes of finding the kind soul that was leaving beautifully painted rocks around the community for others to find. At first the “Mystery Lady” did not respond as she in no way wanted the spotlight, but after someone commented suggesting the rocks were criminals targeting homes, Tammy  decided to make herself known. Take a look at the original post below, or click on the image to view the full post and comments.

The Facebook Post In Upper Highway Info Group

After seeing the beautiful rocks and how this small act of kindness had brought joy to so many, Alpine VW Hillcrest decided it was time to continue the Ripple Effect of Kindness and put together a Community-Driven campaign that everyone can take part in and enjoy. Click here for the competition details

The team from See Upper Highway met with Tammy to find out why she was doing this!

An Interview with the Rock Painting Mystery Woman

Why did you start painting rocks and when did you paint the first rock?
“Art is a form of therapy that works for me. I have experienced great loss and trauma over the years. I have lost my brother, sister, father and husband. When my husband Andre died, a year ago already now, I painted the first rock. Painting the rocks is calming and relaxing.

I went through an awful time after my husband passed away; I simply couldn’t sleep or close my eyes without horrible visions of his death! So I would sit up half the night painting. Every time I create a new rock it is as if I am parting with a small piece of the pain within me and forming that pain into something beautiful that will bring others joy. Some of the rocks are happy; some sad, all with their own unique quirks”

Peeking out the Petunias

What did you think after you saw the facebook post?
“I didn’t want to own up to it. I wanted to remain anonymous and some guy wrote that it made him nervous. SO thought it best to make myself known.  I had a real giggle when one of the Ensure Security Guards mentioned he had seen a young girl placing the rocks… Nice to know I still look young! “

Rocks in Pots

Why did you start placing them around the community?
“I love gardening and painting! SO decided to turn my painted rocks into a game for my kids. I would place a few rocks around the garden and every so often a quirky painted face is discovered peeping out the petunias. The kids LOVE IT!  One day my elderly mother insisted I did something, ANYTHING, with the rocks, as the garden and house were piling up pretty fast! So I placed about 50 rocks on verges and other areas in and around Hillcrest. Hoping that they find a happy home and bring smiles to the community.”

The Artists Magical Garden Carefully Crafted with Recycled Goods

This must be an expensive hobby, what does it cost to do a rock?
“Well, the thing is, I have had to find my own rocks to paint as rocks are really expensive. As a widowed mother of 3 with my elderly mother living with me, I, unfortunately, have to walk the beach or streets for my rocks and save every penny for my paint.” (WE ARE LOOKING FOR A ROCK SPONSOR, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS ON THE BENEFITS OF SPONSORING THIS CAMPAIGN) 

What are some of your other artistic accolades?
“I painted rocks for the Durban Rocks Initiative and was involved with the Recycled Flowers for the Intellectual Property Exhibition held at the Artisan gallery.  I have also done some collaborative work with Umcebo design; a chandelier made of recycled materials that headed off to Crete for the annual recycling conference.

I have also worked with Robin Opperman of Umcebo design with the Butterfly Chandeliers for the AIDS Awareness Campaign. My garden is also home to SYD, The Bottle Top Man by Umcebo Design. I was included in the block project with other artists with Umcebo design which is now at the Dennis Hurley Center. Clifton Schools booked me to do a Recycling Art Workshop which I really enjoyed, I would love to do more artwork with kids. Art is so important, really a fantastic form of therapy.”

Bottle Top Man, Syd

Can people order their own customized rocks?
“Yes, most definitely. I have had a few orders for rocks, seems people do really love them! I can sell little rocks  for around R25 and medium rocks around R45, all customized to your requirement!” 

What do you think of the New Alpine VW Rocks Campaign?
“I Absolutely love how far the ripple effect of kindness goes. I think it’s great that Alpine VW is so community driven.”

Interested in talking to Tammy? Send us an email and we will put you in touch: tasmyn@seeupperhighway.com

Alpine VW Rocks Competition

Find the rocks and WIN with #AlpineVWRocks  

More than 50 rocks have been placed at select venues around the Upper Highway Area. The more rocks you find and post online the more chances you stand of winning!

Click here for details on how to enter


This campaign will run from 01st Feb 2019 until 29th May 2019, Winners will be announced on the 01st June 2019. Please do not take the rocks with #AlpineVWRocks stickers on, kindly leave them for others to find and photograph so that everyone may participate. 






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DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE THE ROCKS WHERE YOU FOUND THEM SO OTHERS MAY PARTICIPATE! You are more than welcome to take and rehome any rocks without the #AlpineVWROcks stickers on

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Terms and conditions apply. Dates are subject to change. There is no limit to the number of times you may enter.

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