Why should you go horse riding?

There are many reasons and many benefits of horse riding and everyone should experience horse riding at least once in their lifetime.

We have highlighted seven reasons why you might want to take it up as a regular activity.

1. Fun Exercise

Horse Riding is fun exercise…“but doesn’t the horse does all the work?”… This may be what it looks like from the ground but once you get into that saddle and feel every muscle in your body begin to work you will soon realize that horse riding is the kind of sport that offers a full body work out!

2. Core strength

Horse Riding is an isometric exercise, which is where specific muscles are targeted to stay in a certain position. Whether you are working towards weight loss, muscle toning or abs of steel then this core strengthening exercise is definitely for you!

3. Posture

Riding is all about the seat. Riding regularly improves your posture even out of the saddle

4. Muscle tone

In addition to the core strength & posture, you will get a full body work out which will improve the muscle tone throughout your body.

5. Relaxation

Horseback riding is relaxing. In fact, therapeutic riding has shown to reduce muscle spasticity as tight muscles are stretched due to the natural motion of the horse. We know going for a walk can be relaxing. When a horse walks with a rider on his back, the rider’s pelvis moves in the same motion as if he or she were walking.

In addition, riding has been known to increase the range of motion of joints, allowing riders to move more freely.

6. Problem Solving

Riders must learn to problem solve and make quick decisions from the back of the horse. For instance, if a horse is set on going one way and the rider wants to go the other, he/she has to determine how to make a 500kg animal go the direction that the rider has chosen in a humane and safe way.

The unexpected can happen and riders must think quickly in the saddle to remain safe and in control

7. Mental & Emotional

Horses are social creatures just like humans. Being able to communicate and interact with an animal has already been shown to have a positive effect on people, as has been experienced by those involved with therapeutic riding programs. Therapeutic riding programs have seen children who would not talk much with people. But when they were around horses, they opened up and communication was not a problem. The children saw the therapy horse as their companion and confidante.

Horses make wonderful companion animals and many equestrians call horses their best friends.

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