Couples who play together stay together


It’s a common theme for many couples—he likes to do “guy stuff” like playing or watching sports, dirt bikes or fishing while she likes “girly stuff” like scrapbooking, sewing, or blogging about bargains.

When it comes to movies, he’s a Saving Private Ryan fan while she loves any film with the phrase “based on the novel by Jane Austen” in the credits. Where dining is concerned, he could eat meat and potatoes at every meal, while she enjoys sampling cuisine from all over the world. And on it goes.


Incorporate couples activities into your calendar each month or even each week and experience the positive impact on your relationship.

There’s nothing wrong with partners having different likes and dislikes based on their unique personalities, talents, and experiences. It would be a serious mistake, however, for couples to assume that every moment of free time should be relegated to “his interests” and “her interests,” and never the twain shall meet.


Developing common interests and hobbies can decrease conflict in a relationship and strengthen the idea that you and your spouse are a team. Having common hobbies helps couples deepen their sense of intimacy, connection, and especially friendship.

We have found 3 great activities to do as a couple to strengthen that bond:

Giba Gorge Horse Trails: besides the calming effect the horses have on the human psyche, the incredible ride through nature too has a wonderfully destressing effect on the body and mind. This is a great activity to do together, bring along a picnic and for a short while you can forget the crazy outside world exists while listening to the soft sounds of nature.


Epic Karting : for those couples that enjoy a little adrenaline rush. come experience something new together also a little competition goes a long way, come race your spouse around our well-designed track at Watercrest Mall, this could become a hobby you both love and enjoy


Phezulu Safari Park: here you have Africa on your doorstep, with the opportunity to savour the taste and feel the rhythm of Africa. You will be taken into traditional beehive shaped thatched huts, where the various artefacts, beliefs and rituals are explained, giving you an insight into the fascinating Zulu culture. The Zulu dancing show is impressive with the dancers in their traditional garb showing off their skills and grace. A special delight is a demo of how the warriors dance for the love and attention of the Zulu maidens – a truly unforgettable experience.


Think of relationship building activities as “affair and divorce-proofing” your future together.



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