School Holiday Camps

Camps are fun and there are many awesome School Camps in KZN that have each got their own unique offering.

But why are camps important? Is there more to them than just silly games and crazy songs? Way more. In a world gone tech crazy, sometimes the great outdoors is just that: great.

For many working parents, school holidays can be tricky – juggling kids and work BUT this is not the only good reason to send your kids to Holiday Camp….

Kids School Holiday Camp at Boot Camp Durban

Here we explore the benefits of sending our kids to camp:


Camp enables kids to expand their social networks. Social expectations—while not entirely absent—are often softened at camp; boundaries that exist in school settings are blurred. Some camps also provide the opportunity for kids to build friendships with a diverse group of peers, bringing together kids from varying faith backgrounds, socio-economic groups and ethnicities, as well as providing a place for kids with varied interests to find common ground


When kids are at camp, they don’t have mom and dad there to help them approach people and make connections. Children have to put themselves out there, this teaches confidence when making new friends or learning how to climb a rope or developing archery skills. Monitored activities enable a child to realize how capable s/he is to learn and grow.


Camp gets kids outdoors and enjoying nature, it’s a need for kids that probably doesn’t get met daily. Kids of today spend much less time outdoors, but camp reconnects them with nature. Seeing things like frogs, forests and trails and experiencing swimming in a river is something our kids are sadly not exposed to anymore. Sending the kids to camp is a sure way to help them connect with nature.


Holiday Camp is a great way to encourage self-development and independence, kids are empowered at camp to take care of themselves, with guidance from camp facilitators. Activities are set but children still have to get themselves ready and participate. For kids a little too attached to Mom & Dad, holiday camp is the perfect opportunity to learn how to trust themselves, make independent decisions and take care of themselves.


Because camps allow kids to make choices and take the lead in activities, natural leadership training is exposed. These kids are less likely to be affected by peer pressure and more likely to set the pace and tone for other kids – they feel empowered in tasks they take on throughout their lives.


Kids have tons of memories of the good times, silly shenanigans and fun activities. It’s a time of discovery and self-improvement that stays with a kid long into adulthood.


They get to become friends with people they don’t necessarily live right next door to, this offers a unique opportunity for your child to branch out in the buddies he or she has. Navigating and building these friendships over the camp period also teaches children how to be more socially confident – they also have the chance to form bonds with adults who aren’t in parent or teacher roles and opportunities to practice interacting with adults without mom or dad prompting them or speaking for them.


Camp helps kids learn how to be kids again, in this technology-filled world, camps cut back on distractions. Many camps generally ban cell phones and computers, so kids can truly take advantage of all the camp has to offer. That means those prone to sit on their butts and text or play video games are forced to get up – and get moving! Those that tend to be shy or distant will be thoroughly encouraged by skilled facilitators


Camps are a nurturing environment for a child to explore activities and programs that could turn into lifelong passions, with so much to do at summer/winter camp (archery, swimming, team building, bushcraft, etc.), there are many fun activities for kids to discover. That’s why it’s the perfect place for your child to tap into an interest that he or she wants to carry on after camp is over.


“I have to work!”, expressing what for many parents is the most practical reason for sending their child to camp. After all, when school lets out, kids have to go somewhere to spend their time and in today’s day and age in most households, both parents work. Holiday Camp isn’t just a “parking spot” for kids, it also offers fun, excitement and lessons that last.

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